The Fake Project is a research project of the Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT) of the Italian National Resarch Council (CNR), which aims to study the phenomenon of Fake Twitter Followers in a scientific manner.

Building on a baseline dataset of Twitter accounts (in which fake and real accounts are known a priori) and on a series of criteria, detailed in a conference paper and in a technical report, we developed a fake detection engine.

Some of the preliminary results we have obtained with our engine are reported below.

Twitter Account Followers Count Fake Percentage Inactive Percentage Genuine Percentage
Barack Obama @BarackObama 41 Millions 8.5% 57.1% 34.4%
François Hollande @fhollande 608 Thousands 5.3% 63.6% 31.1%
David Cameron @David_Cameron 595 Thousands 11.7% 24.0% 64.3%

Should you want to try the engine, we will be glad to give you the credentials to access the detector!
Please, send us an email to, and we will soon reply. In the meantime, you can have a look to the classifier demo here.

The research leading to the Fake Follower detection engine has been partially supported by the funded projects My Information Bubble and SoS - Social Sensing, and by the regional project MyChoice.

Many thanks for your interest in the project,

The Fake Follower Classifier Team